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Your landscape represents quite an investment of both time and money. The right care now will also add to the value of your home with stronger, healthier trees and shrubs for years to come.

Our program is based upon the use of organic biostimulant fertilizers. These help to produce a more rapid development of the root system and increase food production in the plant. The results are healthier plants that withstand environmental stress better and are less susceptible to insect and disease problems.

Each of our applications serves an important and timely function. From fertilization, which provides essential nutrients to the plant, to pest controls which discourage diseases and insects using environmentally friendly products.

We know all landscapes are not alike and we will design a program for your landscape’s needs. Our complete landscape program is designed to treat a variety of problems and may include any or all of the following applications.

Dormant oil A dormant application of horticultural oil Helps control certain pests during their over winter stage
Spring feeding Nutrients injected into the root system. Surface drenching of landscape beds. Enhances color and stimulates overall growth
Early Growth Protection Insect, mite, and/or disease controls as young foliage develops growth. Minimizes early season damage by these pests
Mid-Season Growth Protection Insect and disease controls as needed. Continued foliage protection against pests
Late Season Protection Insect and mite controls as needed Added protection against fall pests.
Deep Root Fertilization Nutrients injected into the root system. Surface drenching of landscape beds. Promotes root growth and helps plants store food for winter.
Anti-Desiccant Spray Foliar spray application Helps to hold moisture in and reduce diying out of plants during dormant season