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Big Trees was started in 1980 by Richard J. Beran. At the start, Big Trees was both a landscape and tree moving firm. As the company progressed, the demand for tree moving led Mr. Beran to assemble additional tree moving equipment and manpower and to specialize in the tree moving industry. What started with a used treespade purchased in Florida has grown to one of the largest tree moving/installation services. Big Trees presently has treespades ranging from 32 to 90 widths. Big Trees also have many specialized machines for moving trees.

Big Trees has completed many large projects including the transplanting of 800 plus mature apple trees from an existing orchard to a newly constructed home 12 miles away. This work was completed in 26 days and 100% of the apple trees survived. You can find our trees at the Cleveland Zoo, Toledo Zoo, Cleveland Metroparks, South Park Mall, Beachwood Mall, numerous Rockside Road office buildings, The Limited in Columbus, Shaker Country Club, Columbia Country Club, and thousands of residential properties throughout Ohio, and the surrounding states.

Many individuals will purchase trees from hundreds of miles away and have us move them to their home.

Our success rate has been greater than 94%, and we offer a full maintenance program for all newly installed trees and exisitng trees.

Big Trees continues to grow and will be bringing franchising to the market in the new future.