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Big Trees offers a full line of tree moving services.

We can transplant almost everything from a bush along the foundation of your home to a 14" caliper shade of evergreen tree.

For small shrubs and trees, we will have our crew hand dig and burlap the plant or tree. We will then lift the item by hand or with one of our crane units and relocate to the new location.

For larger trees, we will use one of our mechanical treespades to transplant.

Our trucks are set up to move your tree or ours distances of 1 foot to hundreds of miles. We move trees on site.

See transplanting trees for what to look for when deciding to move trees.

For those hard to get areas, or in a wet area, or for hillside planting, we have tree spades with tracks and with large, wide tires to get into areas where others can't or won't.
You can select and tag trees fom our nursery. We then install them with our cranes or by hand.

We carry many varieties of trees and will locate trees for customers if they cannot be found at our location.

During the season, we are stocked with thousands of trees.