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Proper watering is essential to the survival of newly planted balled and burlapped, spaded, or transplanted trees. Your watering needs will vary with size of the tree planted, the type of soil it was planted in, and the season when the planting occurred.

After your tree has been planted, soak the rootball area as soon as you can. Begin watering the tree 2-3 times per week for the first month after planting. A slow deep soaking to a depth of approximately 12-18” is recommended. The length of time required to “deep water” will vary depending on soil type and water pressure. Clay soils usually require more time than sandy soils. The best time to water is the early morning to reduce water loss.

As the season progresses again a slow deep soaking of the root zone should be done every 5-7 days if no sufficient rainfall has occurred.

When fall arrives and the leaves drop, reduce watering to once per week, if no sufficient rainfall has occurred. It is important the trees have plenty of water stored in the roots for the winter.

When established, trees respond best to deep infrequent soakings at each watering. This encourages the production of a deeper root system and a more drought tolerant tree.